What is Direct to Garment printing?
Direct-to-garment printing (DTG) is a process of printing on textiles using specialized aqueous ink jettechnology. DTG printers typically have a platen designed to hold the garment in a fixed position, and the printer inks are jetted or sprayed onto the textile by the print head. DTG typically requires that the garment be pre-treated with a PTM or Pre-treatment machine allowing for the following:

  • Stronger bond between garment fibers and the pigmented inks
  • Lays down loose fibers to provide for a smoother substrate
  • Chemically reacts with the inks to promote drying and curing

Since this is a digital process the print is sharper and has a higher resolution, or DPI, than traditional printing methods such as screen printing. However, unlike screen printing, there is no long setup or clean-up process, and DTG has the ability to print just one single shirt for minimal cost

What garments can be printed?
Our DTG Inks are only suitable for 100% Cotton garments - Lucky for you, we have access to a great range of Cotton products - head over to our Brands page & check out AS Color and Cloke for our favorite 100% Cotton fashion garments

I would like a photo printed onto a t-shirt ...can you do that?
YES! Our DTG Printer is perfect for one off garments like this, so if you've got a friend that needs embarrassing, get in touch with us!

Can i bring my own t-shirts in to be printed?
Not all t-shirts are created equal, and the quality of your print relies heavily on being printed on a good quality tee which is why we like to use our trusted brands of tees. We wont stop you from bringing in your own garments but we just cant guarantee that the print will look as awesome.


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