What is Embroidery?
In short it’s the process of sewing a design onto a piece of clothing or fabric. Much like screen printing the desired artwork needs to be supplied as a high resolution image file (preferable EPS or AI) before being digitised, which means translating a design made out of pixels into one made out of thread. The end result is an EMB file, this is stored on the machine so can therefore be easily re-used as many times as necessary. Embroidery machines use the EMB as a template to stitch your artwork onto the garment

Which garments can be embroidered?
Embroidery works on most clothing with the exception of very thin t-shirts. The process is particularly well suited to items such as hats, caps, polos, sweatshirts and hoodies and the finish is extremely hardwearing which is why many companies use it for workwear and other garments that have to be laundered frequently. 

Are the Minimum order requirements for embroidery?
No, we don't have a minimum qty for embroidery. If you are just after 1 garment or logo that is no problem at all. We often do one off names for towels or bags that are being given as gifts.

How much does embroidery cost?
For each design there’s an initial set up fee ranging between $30 and $110 + gst. This covers the cost of the digitisation process and setting the file up on the machine - we also sample the logo for you and make any changes necessary to ensure you are happy with it. 

After that there’s a per logo cost which varies depending on the number of stitches in the design aka the size of logo/how detailed or solid it is.

To enquire about the price of your logo, drop us an email with your design attached & any details like size & placement to info@ippltd.co.nz.


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