What is a Vinyl Transfer?
This is a similar process to a Digital Print except rather than using a white vinyl base & printing the color on there, the Vinyl is pre colored. The logo is cut from the pre coloured vinyl, and the rest is "weed" Out, Leaving your logo ready to heat press to the garment.
This method is great for single color designs or individually naming garments. We have a wide range of colours and specialty vinyls to choose from.

It is perhaps most easily recognized as the way Names & Numbers are printed on the back of Sports apparel

Are there Minimum Requirements?
No, there are no minimums for Digital or Vinyl Transfers.

What range of Vinyl do you have?
We have a range of colour, textures and types of vinyls available for all fabric types.
Ranging from block colour, Glitters and metallics to 3D Texture vinyls.
We have Vinyls that can print on a range of fabric including our Siser stretch which has stretch-and-rebound properties for a great print result on elastic fabrics like Active or Dance wear

What kind of logo file do you need?

As per embroidery, we require a vector file of your logo (most commonly EPS or AI) - if you don't have a vector file then send us what you have & we can see if we can trace it or alternatively, put you in touch with our graphic designer.

How well do they last?
Well, like most things in life…it depends.

With good care of the garment, the manufacturer recommends about 30-50 washes for vinyl heat transfers, which do eventually crack and fade after that however, if you think of the lifespan of your garment then generally by the time your print is wearing, its time to replace your tees too.

What do Vinyl Transfers cost?
The cost of your print depends on the size & how many we can fit to a width of vinyl - drop us an email with your logo & the size you need and we can get back to you with a quote!


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